Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peter and the Wolf

We just finished Peter and the Wolf. We read the book and listened to a shortened version over the span of two days. The version we used was from Music for Little People a Celebration of Classical Music and it was approximately 30 minutes long. The 'regular' version is much longer (I found this one that was over an hour long.) There are many versions of the book as well. From the library I picked out the version by Vladimir Vagin and also one by Michele Lemieux. (There is even one in graphic novel form by Miguelanzo Prado.) I wouldn't recommend starting w/ the graphic novel (aka...comic book) as it may direct attention away from the music but if there are several versions at the library, pick them all up and see which art your child likes better. If you know your art (and I don't) you can talk about how the drawings or paintings are made, with what type of media etc.... That will be for next time. I provide the links as a guide but just go to your library's website and type in Peter and the Wolf.

I took some pictures while Andrew was listening and thought that would be so sweet to post here. As I review them I see that they will provide some comic relief. But he truly was engrossed in the book.

footnote: Peter and the Wolf is performed by an orchestra and sometimes read by a narrator. Each character is portrayed by a different instrument. It is great listening practice to pause and ask what instrument the child hears.

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